We Need Your Support! Youth Programme Fundraising

We Need Your Support! Youth Programme Fundraising


Signal Film and Media gives hundreds of deprived and isolated children and young people in Barrow the chance to do something new and unique – to make their own film – whilst gaining leadership and digital skills and recognised qualifications at the same time

We need your help to make our 2017-18 Youth Programme happen! By helping us fundraise the £8,000 we need to meet our target budget for the year’s activities. The programme will give 250 youngsters aged 8 to 18 the chance to explore their creativity; through exciting and educational workshops led by industry professionals who will engage and enthuse them in unique and inspiring ways.

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“He must have been fully engaged with the teacher as he has told me so much since coming home. He just keeps talking about it and is making his own movies now on video camera, stop motion photography and using coding stuff for animation, I have no idea what he’s on about as I am lost.” – Participant’s mum.

Films made by local youngsters give them a voice and pride about their town. Last year’s short film ‘The Lost Station’ made by Barrow Island Primary School pupils has had 40,000 hits on the BBC website. It won a national film award which the children received at a red carpet ceremony in London’s Leicester Square!

Signal Film and Media provide a stepping stone into the creative industries. We’re one of only nine selected BFI training providers, giving Cumbrian young people their first break. By fundraising we help them get the experience they need to go on to study and make a living in film, media and other creative disciplines.

“A lot of people don’t seem to understand a different route apart from going into BAE Systems. Being in Barrow, there’s no inspiration and it has an effect on you. But being a part of Signal, it helps you to realise that there are options within the creative field. I used to really struggle with working in groups of people that I didn’t know but taking part pushed me to overcome that fear.” – Dom, 17

Other young people find taking part in our exciting programme outside of school gives them a fresh chance to learn and thrive in a non-academic setting with support from mentors. By fundraising we can keep this support going.

“Some of the children that we work with are not in school and struggle badly with low self-esteem, subsequently they can believe they’re failing. Isolation is huge and has a big impact. A lot of them have interests in art, film and media, they’re often creative and learn in different ways. They have views and opinions but they have difficulty being heard, and because of their involvement at Signal, it gives them that voice.” – Kath Corkhill, Dropzone Youth Service

Each young person we help gets the chance to take part in a series of workshops involving:

  • ‘Hands-on’ sessions in stop-frame animation, digital photography and camerawork, green screen, image manipulation, music video and experimental film creation, sound recording and design and editing

  • Addressing a lack of confidence among young people in expressing in their own ideas and poor communication skills, through a series of fun leadership and idea-generation exercises.

  • Provide an array of avenues for enhancing digital skills that improve career and life prospects. All kids use new technology for social media and gaming, but we equip them with the tools, confidence and creative stimulus they need to use new technology in a productive and meaningful way. Consequently they make imaginative work, to express themselves, to explore new skills, hobbies and passions and to connect with like-minded peers.

Please help us to keep doing great work in our community by donating what you can at our MyDonate page here: